PAFTA offers private tuition for acting exams with two highly accredited organisations. We have a 100% pass rate, mostly with high Distinctions. 

These exams help to build performance skills and confidence whilst also providing an alternative to GCSE/A-Level Drama.

Trinity College London

  • We understand the transformative power of performance

  • Our qualifications help ensure candidates make progress by providing carefully levelled stepping stones that build confidence and enjoyment while continuing to extend and challenge

  • We aim to design assessments that have a positive impact on student learning, engagement and achievement

  • We encourage candidates to bring their own choices and interests into our exams – this motivates students and makes the assessment more relevant and enjoyable

  • Our flexible exams give candidates the opportunity to perform to their strengths and interests

  • Our highly qualified and friendly examiners are trained to put candidates at their ease and provide maximum encouragement

When: Late November every year or digital submissions all year round

Where: Private centre in Prenton

Who: Anyone who wants to

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

LAMDA’s performance examinations use drama to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice by learning and performing monologues. 

Learners will be required to 

  • explore style, form, character, subtext and context in order to realise the specific demands of the text

  • engage with character and situation in order to create a sense of reality

  • develop skills in voice, diction and movement

  • know and understand the chosen selections

  • know and understand the key principles and influences in the process of acting

When: Three public sessions every year

Where: Liverpool

Who: Anyone who wants to